Best Summer Flowers for Indian Climate

Of course, India is a hub of a wide variety of flowers blossoming throughout the season. Across different regions of the country and in continuous seasons, Our country would always surprise us with those lovely petals that come in all colors and shapes.

Now, who doesn’t want these astonishing florets in their backyard providing a sense of relief from their work-life stress and also boosting your mood instantly. The summer season in India owing to temperatures more than 30 degrees is the peculiar season where you need immediate getaways and what’s better than relaxing in your own garden of summer flowers blooming and giving you the much-required Pleasantness. March to April is a good time for sowing seeds for summer flowers.

Irrespective of whether you are a Florist or just a Newbie Gardening enthusiast, these are the top summer flower plants which are of low maintenance and can be easily grown right from your backyards:

1) Marigold:

Marigold is one of the most often spotted flowers across the county. It’s also popularly known for its application in religious and medicinal practices. The demand for this bright blooming flower is only increasing day by day and is at the peak level especially during the time of religious festivals and weddings.

marigold flowers in indian summer
Marigold Flower

Apart from that, Marigold due to its strong bright sense, it’s also used as a food coloring agent and to keeps the pests away. Marigold is a natural bug repellent and its also grown in vegetable gardens to attract bees and other pollinators cause of the aroma. Marigold is a perennial as well as an annual plant so it can be grown almost throughout the season.

Growth Tip: Marigold is a low maintenance plant and can be literally grown anywhere even with partial sunlight. But, with full sunlight and proper soil the flowers blossoms to the fullest. Marigold is also known to be a Mosquito repellant due to its strong scent. The fragrance from this flower is proven to uplift air quality and combats daily stress levels for humans.

2) Rose

The flower species which requires no introduction. Rose is a flower of love, compassion, and gratitude and has several thousands of poems, novels and short stories to its name. No matter how big or small a garden is, it is always incomplete without the blissful soothing fragrance of roses.

Rose flowers generally occur in three vibrant colors: Red, Yellow and white and yeah they do bring the entire garden to life. Roses are one of the best summer flowers that can be grown in India and with proper care, the flower can blossom throughout the year.

Rose Flowers
Rose Flower

Apart from its vast popularity as a symbol of love, Rose also has an important role to play in other Industries. Rose oil, rose water are few extracts from the flower as well as the seed. Due to its appealing fragrance, it is also used in perfumes. Rose also serves its purpose in foods like Jams, Jellies and many other sweets especially. Due to its Vitamin-rich nature, it also serves an application as food supplements.

Growth Tip: If you want to cherish yourself in the lustful fragrance and brightness of these roses in your garden, then it’s most important to know that it doesn’t come that easy. Roses are high maintenance plants and require uttermost care. Due to its aroma and fragrance, they are prone to diseases and also attract pests. Growing Marigold along with roses will help prevent these bugs.

3) Hibiscus:

Hibiscus flowers are abruptly denoted as the gorgeous cause of its flourishing and lush full bloom. These flowers are delicate and smooth in nature but yet they propel a sense of fulfillment when in your backyard.

hibiscus flower in delhi
Hibiscus Flower

The Hibiscus flowers are also served in beverages like Tea and also possess high medicinal qualities. Hibiscus tea or extracts from the flower helps combats many human ailments like hypertension, Low Blood pressure, and even blood sugar levels. Hibiscus tea is also rich in Vitamin C and contains many valuable minerals which also helps aid healthy hair growth. Learn about medicinal plants for home.

Growth Tip: Hisbiscus is a strong shrub and usually grow rampant and occupies great space. It’s advisory to select a place where the shrub can grow to its fullest and have ample of sunlight and moist soil. Whenever the moisture in the soil increases or decreases abruptly then the leaves of the shrub will start turning yellow. Though hibiscus attracts bugs and pests, that wouldn’t effect the plant growth much.

4) Sunflower

Sunflower, the bright yellow flower which is recognized worldwide for its beauty. The flower which follows the sun which also makes it the best suitable plant for summers in India. These sunflowers lighten up your garden with their presence.


Sunflower is also an important source of food. The oil from sunflower is used across the country for cooking purposes. Also, the seed of these flowers is considered as a tasty and healthy snack. Sunflowers can withstand extreme temperatures of India and can literally be grown anywhere.

Growth Tip: Sunflower plants do require a lot of sunlight, so make sure you plant it in a place with an abundance of sunlight. Make sure the soil is well-drained. Overwatering or too wet soil can harm the plant’s growth.

5) Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are like a beauty spot for your garden. These flowers come in a wide variety of colors and also their soothing aroma does attract butterflies which only adds up to the landscape. These flowers usually blossom in the late summers of India and are quite low maintenance. They bloom quite heavily given perfect growing conditions.

Zinnia Flower

March and April are probably the best suitable months for growing these flowers. They require a minimum day time temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and can also withstand the summer heats of our country.

Growth tip: Zinnia plants are quite low maintenance and they do not require much care. They directly germinate from the seeds and doesn’t event require much of a time. They grow quite easily and also blossom with abundant sunlight.

6) Aparajita (Clitoria):

Aparajita is found to be grown throughout India and one of the most common garden plants which grow vividly in very minute conditions. Also, know by its Biological name Clitoria generally bloom in two different colors. These flower plants play a vital role in ornamental as well as medicinal applications. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a climber flowering plant.

aparajita flower

Aparajita flowers are also rich in medicinal properties. The extracts from these flowers and leaves are used to maintain the healthy functioning of circulatory, Digestive, Nervous and respiratory systems. It is also used in treating patients infected with piles. Apart from its medicinal functions, Aparajita is also used as a food coloring agent.

Growth tip: Availability of ample sunlight and well-drained soil conditions will literally boost up the plant’s growth and also help the flowers bloom to the fullest. Make sure to water regularly and avoid dark places for the plants’ growth.

7) Mogra

Mogra or commonly known as Jasmine is India’s most popular flower and a woman’s favorite delicacy. Mogra or Jasmine flowers are bulky cultivated in huge margins for their attractive and saccharine fragrance and is also considered as the National flower of the Philippines and Indonesia. One of the most commonly spotted flowers in every event, functions, parties or even weddings.

jasmine flowers

These flowers are largely used in perfumes for its unbeatable honeyed fragrance and also has its own applications in ayurvedic medicines. The extracts from these flowers are also captivated and used as medicinal oils. The extracts of jasmine flowers, when consumed with beverages like Tea, ca help combat antioxidants, diabetes and cancer and also aids weight loss.

Growth tip: These plants would again require extreme temperatures and continuous watering. The plant would require a bit of maintenance and care initially. The average suitable temperature for the best growth of Jasmine flowers is 20- 30 degrees Celsius and would also required wet soil. Fertilizer can help boost the plants’ growth and help it bloom full of flowers.

8) Sadabahar(Vinca Rosea)

Sadabahar flowers also popularly known as Periwinkle is a native plant across India and Srilanka. These easily found to be grown in gardens of India and blossom with our country’s climatic conditions. Sadabahar flowers have applications in the modern medical industry and also used as an ornamental plant.

Sadabahar Flower Plant
Sadabahar Flower Plant

Periwinkle flowers or Sadabahar flower extracts can potentially be helpful in curing many major human ailments like Diabetes, nose bleeds, Lung congestion, and blood circulation problems. They also play a crucial role in aiding Cancer diagnosis.

Growth tip: Once again, Sadabahar or Periwinkle flowers are low maintenance and perfect garden plants for summer. They grow mostly in the shade or little sunlight with good moisture. Too much extreme temperatures can cause serious damage to the plants so make sure to place these In shady areas.

9) Pentas:

Common Garden Flowers found across the tropical and subtropical stretch of our Indian continents. Pentas flowers usually blossom in bunches and bring up a sense of completeness to your garden.

pentas flowers
Pentas Flower

These flowers are often a scenic spot to the gardens cause not only they add up to its beauty but also attract butterflies and hummingbirds which only doubles it up. Pentas hardly require any care and also need less quantity of water to blossom making it a totally low maintenance garden flower and also a gardener favorite.

Growth tip: Pentas flowers need very little care and can even grow within any soil conditions. They would be requiring least moisture levels and can withstand hot to dry temperatures. These flowers require high exposure to the sunlight and at least need six to eight hours of sunlight per day to bloom at its best.

10) Tecoma

Tecoma flowers are again one of the most commonly spotted yellow flowers across different parts of India. Also, know as Yellow elder, these flowers are famous for its lush continuous bloom along the seasons.

tecoma yellow flowers
Tecoma Yellow Flower

Though yellow is the most commonly spotted flowers, Tecoma flowers do blossom in four different colors: Orange, pink, red and yellow. These flowers are sun lovers and can grow in tropical regions of the country where the temperature is high. These flowers also attract butterflies and hummingbirds and other natural pollinators to your garden.

Growth tip: Tecoma plants are pretty low maintenance and very easy to handle. They can withstand hot to extreme temperatures and also grow in any kind of soil even with lower levels of moisture. An abundance of sunlight is a must required growth factor for this plant.

11) Petunia

Petunia flowers are commonly spotted flowers in topical and high-temperature regions in India and just like Zinnia these do flowers bloom in a wide variety of colors. These flowers generally don’t require much space to grow and can easily be grown in containers.

petunia flower
Petunia Flower

Petunias can withstand hot and harsh conditions but cannot survive in the frost. They also attract natural pollinators along with few pests which must be taken care of.

Growth tip: Petunia plants are again the best summer garden plants as they require a continuous supply of sunlight and also they consume up less of your garden space. They require moist soil and most commonly spotted growing in hanging pots in gardens. Planting alongside with Marigold can help to battle the pests.

12) Morning Glory

Morning Glories are known for its beautiful blossoming flowers and its heart-shaped leaves lightning up the garden in summers. As it comes from the name, these flowers bloom only in the morning whereas some species of Morning Glory bloom at night. Morning Glory flowers also do bloom in quite a few different colors and the common ones are pink, magenta, purple-blue and white.

morning glory flower vine
Morning Glory

Morning glory flowers are very attractive in nature and they grow at a brisk rapid pace. These flowers also play a vital role in the medicinal as well as the rubber processing industry.

Growth tip: Morning Glory plants take some time in germinating but do grow fast and bloom completely. They cannot survive transplanting and poor soil conditions. Too much moisture or too dry soil can literally break the plant’s growth. Also, make sure to place the plant in a place free of heavy winds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Flowers bloom in Indian Summers?

List of Indian Summer Flowers: Morning Glory, Marigold, Rose, Hibiscus, Sun Flower, Zinnia, Aparajita, Mogra, Sadabahar, Pentas, Tecoma, Petunia, Vinca, Gaillardia, Coreopsis, Balsam

When should we sow seeds of summer flowers in India?

March to April is a good time for sowing seeds of summer flowers.

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