Amico+ Tap Timer for Drip Irrigation (Fully Automatic)

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  • Automatic Water Tap Controller
  • Watering Frequency: from every 6 hours up to once 15 days
  • Uses 2 AA size Battery: Lasts entire year
  • 3-inch backlit display

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Amico + ™ tap timer is testified to be the most user-friendly and reliable drip irrigation timer in the market. Just program the timer once, and let it run your drip irrigation system automatically. Its easy to read 3-inch display makes it super easy to view and change all the set parameters.

The display is backlit, so changing the setting at the night time is not a problem.

Technical Data Amico+

  • 1 zone
  • Inlet thread ¾”-1”
  • Outlet thread ¾”
  • Max working pressure 6 bars
  • Min flow 5 l/min
  • Max flow 40 l/min
  • Min pressure bar 1.0 bar
  • Diaphragm 9 VDC electric valve
  • Removable control unit
  • ABS Body
  • Hard plastic cover for LDC display protection
  • Wide backlit 3” LCD display
  • Powered by 2 alkaline 1.5 volt (AA Size)

Programming Data

  • 1 program
  • Run time min/max: 1/240 minutes
  • Watering frequency: from every 6 hours up to once 15 days
  • Current time indication
  • Start time indication
  • Duration of watering indication
  • Frequency indication
  • Next irrigation indication
  • Watering countdown
  • Low battery function




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