Home Garden Irrigation Kit (For Upto 32 Plants)


  • Automatically Water Plants with complete precision
  • Perfect drip irrigation solution for Balcony Garden, Terrace Garden, Backyards, and Veranda
  • Easy to Install DIY kit with Multiple attachments for various garden layouts
  • Built to Last: Manufacturing quality that exceeds every parameter.
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Let us water your plants from now on. Elitech Drip Irrigation Kit for 32 plants has been designed specifically for home gardeners. Our drip irrigation kit comes with ample attachments for easy installation on different kinds of garden layouts. This 32 plant drip kit Includes:

  • Main Supply Pipe (15 mt)
  • Feeder Line Pipe (15 mt)
  • Mainline Straight Connectors (5 pc)
  • Mainline Elbow Connectors (5 pc)
  • Mainline T Connectors (5 pc)
  • Water Tap Adapter (1 pc)
  • 4mm Connector (32 pc)
  • 4mm T Connector (10 pc)
  • Holding Sticks (32 pc)
  • Location Sticks (10 pc)
  • Drip Hole Puncher (1 pc)
  • Drip Emitters (32 pc)
  • End Cap (5 pc)
  • Ratchet Clamp (5 pc)
  • Dummy Plugs (10 pc)



How watering plants will look like after installing Elitech Drip Irrigation Kit:

Step-1) Make Tea

Step-2) Open Tap

Step-3) Drink Tea

Step-4) Close Tap (after 10-15 minutes)

No more struggling with garden hose, bucket, mug, spilling water all over the place, overwatering plants, and making a mess in general. As a smart gardener, You deserve to kick back, relax and watch your plants thank you for taking care of them.

drip irrigation kit for home garden

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 9 cm


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