Why Parijat Flower is A Jewel among Lucky Flowers

We all want luck. Some people more than others. And there are several ways to go about finding luck. Some people pray to goddesses, some give away their belongings to seek greater gains, while some….plant flowers.

For centuries, people have been believed to have amassed fortunes by gaining the favor of the gods and goddesses of luck. While there are many theories as to how they all gained such huge favors from the gods, a popular dogma is that these people used to have gardens. And in these gardens, they planted certain flowers which they believed attracted huge benefits from the divine lords.

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One such lucky plant that stands out among all other lucky plants, is The Parijat Flower.

Commonly known as Harsingar or Night Jasmine, it is believed in Indian Mythology that a princess of the finest beauty fell in love with the Sun (yes, the star) and tried to win its heart. After several vain attempts, the Sun finally decided one day to put an end to the drama once and for all. It rejected the Princess’ wishes to marry it.

Parijat Plant

Deeply sorrowed by the Sun’s rejection, the beautiful lady found it easier to end her miserable life. She was later mournfully cremated. In the place where her ashes rested, a plant started to sprout. It grew into a sturdy tree, which only flowers at night.

People still believe that the flowering at night is because the Princess, over centuries gone by, is still not able to face her lover. The Parijat flower is believed to have originated from Kunti’s ashes.

Another Popular Theory:

Some people also say that this tree was brought from heaven by Arjun to Kanti and she used to offer its flowers to lord shiva. They have four to eight petals arranged above an orange tube in a pinwheel pattern. They are mostly found in the outer Himalayas and are found in the tracts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Some sources also believe that this tree was stolen by Krishna and brought to earth from Lord Indrajit’s kingdom. And the history behind why this flower doesn’t bear fruit is that it was cursed by Lord Indra as it will have all the flowers but will never bear fruit.

So, why is it considered auspicious?

The Parijat Flower is considered divine because it is believed to belong to the heavens and the one having this flower represents love and will never face any hardships, according to ancient mythology. The plant also blooms only after Ganga Dussehra.

The flower is unisex and was presumed to be given to the wives of Krishna as a gift representing love. So growing this flower is considered auspicious to newlywed couples and is also believed to increase and embellish love.

Medicinal uses

Although the flowers are bitter in taste, they are used to cure a huge number of diseases namely remittent fever, sciatica and rheumatism.

These are also used to treat constipation

The plant is mainly used to treat snake bites.

In some cases, they are used as hair fall treatment and scalp recovery, and also in skin recovery.

The green leaves of the plant are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The dried leaves are used as Assamese food recipes.

Growing tips

This plant should never be kept in the standing water as it causes weakness in the root and it eventually rotten up.

Fertilizing the plant once a year will be more than enough.

Proper watering and a well-rotted compost make for a suitable environment for the plant to grow in.

It is advised that for the plant to get only around four hours of direct sunlight so it is better it keep in a shaded portion of the garden.

Well, that’s about it with regards to growing the Parijat plant in your very own garden. It is believed that the more lucky plants you grow, the greater the odds of the lords turning to your favor.

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