Drip irrigation Kits

For Urban


Drip irrigation Kits

For Urban


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Why Drip Irrigation?

  • Automatic Plant Watering
  • Prevent Overwatering 
  • Easy to Install (Even a Kid can Do it) 
  • Save Water

About Elitechdrip


What We Want?

Our mission is to take responsibility of watering your plants and freeing up more time for you. We get it- Gardening is not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle for you.

Made in India
We take pride in manufacturing our products in India. This way we can deliver the best quality product directly to people we care about. 
Aftersales Support

When you buy an Elitech Drip product, be assured that we always take care of our customers. You can write to us anytime for anything.

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the benefits of Elitech Drip Kit

Best Customer Support

Best Quality and Fitment

Spare Parts Available

1 Year Warranty

At Elitech Drip, we understand and appreciate the love that you have for your home garden. Our mission is to take responsibility of watering your plants. With the time saved, maybe you can make healthy breakfast for yourself, stay extra time in bed, watch one more episode of your favourite TV series, educate yourself, or do anything else you wish to do with that extra time each day. Meanwhile, your plants will continue to remain healthier than ever.

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Email: care@elitechdrip.com