Top 10 Medicinal Plants for Indian Homes

India is home for a wide variety of plant species, owing to 24.39% of the geographical area which is covered by Trees & Forests. Few Plant species do play a very important role in the role of humanization and are responsible for 54% of medicinal, direct & indirect processing. We are blessed with such herb plants in India.

If you are lucky enough to spend some golden time with your grandparents, you would often find them prattling about a few herbs plants which act as a great remedy for many ailments. Having such pants around your house would save you a great ordeal.

Let’s check out a few medicinal plants and their uses (easily found in India):

1) Tulasi:

One of the most common plants found widely in the homes of many Indians. Your Elders consider this plant as sacred and often feed you with Tulsi leaves. Also known as Holi Basil, Hindus regard this plant as an incarnation of Goddess Vrinda an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and thus believed to bring in good luck and comfort into the home.

Tulsi is the most common plant in every Indian home

Apart from religious believes, Tulasi leaves are rich in antioxidants and also exhibit anti-fungal properties. The antioxidant-rich species is found to be widely used in herbal teas, beauty products and also medicines to fight Indigestion, diabetes, fever, cold, cough and bronchitis. These are different varieties of Tulsi

Pro Tip: Eating 2-3 Tulasi leaves every day is quite beneficial for one’s health and also helps in stress-relieving and detoxifying body cells. Avoid chewing raw leaves instead, boil them in water and directly swallow it.

2) Spearmint:

Spearmint known by many names like Mackerel mint, Garden mint, Lamb mint, and common mint is renowned as the “ World’s Oldest Medicine ” for reaping its medicinal benefits from 10,000 years ago. The leaves of these plants are rich in Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, and Manganese and are popularly used in Summer drinks, teas, and chutneys across India.

The Aroma of these mint leaves is enough to provide one with a refreshing feel and also proven to keep mosquitoes away in the winter. Mint leaves help refrain sore throat, cramps, Arthritis, Diarrhea, Fatigue, and flatulence. Mint essential oils are also used in relieving muscle pains and quite often used in ayurvedic spas for soothing stress-free body massage.

Spearmint- The Mojito Herb

Pro Tip: Sprinkling some Spearmint leaves on food not only adds some real flavor but also combats major ailments. Spearmint/Pudina leaves are commonly served with a delicious lemonade. It’s Antioxidant-rich & Anti-fungal nature also helps cure scars and acne.

3) Carom:

Carom seeds also known as Ajwain is one of the most commonly found home and kitchen ingredients. These seeds are sprinkled or added in almost every Indian curry recipe. Ajwain seeds do possess a strong Aroma which not only adds up to the flavor of the food but also adds up to many health benefits.

Ajwain Plant

Carom seeds are rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins, minerals, fiber and also exhibit antibacterial and antifungal properties. Your Parents often advise you to chew on raw seeds during fever or even to avoid vomiting sensation. Carom seeds do help in relieving many common human ailments like Indigestion, Ulcers, Acidity, Arthritis, Bad Cholesterol, Blood pressure and even common cold or cough.

Pro Tip: Ajwain oil is really efficient in treating dreadful ear pains. Also, the paste of these seeds can be applied to the face to reduce acne scars. Mixing up Carom leaves in water can help relieve severe indigestion problems for pregnant women.

4) Giloy:

Giloy, a herb which is termed as the root of Ayurvedic immortality was being used in Indian Medicines since ages due to its highly rich medicinal properties. Giloy is quite famous and commonly found in Tropical regions of the country and also it’s quite simple and easy to grow at one’s home just as you do with a Money plant.

Unlike other species, Giloy herbs are particularly famous for its ability to increase platelet count and it’s really helpful for people suffering from low blood platelets. Apart from that, these herbs help solve Diabetes, Arthritis, Dengue, Chikungunya, Indigestion, combats respiratory problems and also maintain healthy heart conditions

Pro Tip: Chewing on Giloy roots can help asthma patients relieve breathing problems. Boiling water with Giloy leaves or Giloy powder will help boost Immunity and Memory power. People usually consume Giloy juice as a detox drink as it is believed to act as an Anti-aging and reduces sprinkles, pores, wrinkles and rewards a fair skin tone.

5) Aloe Vera:

One such Ayurvedic shrub which doesn’t require much introduction, Aloe Vera is a quite commonly found stemmy shrub in every household and neighborhood. Aloe gel which is used across many medicines and a lot of beauty and facial products is derived from the leaves of Aloe Vera shrub. This species has been in the market for decades and is now a very popular shrub above all.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera does exhibit some antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and also helps in combating Constipation, Ulcers, Irritative Lower Bowel Syndrome(IBS) and also helps maintain blood sugar levels. Aloe gel is quite commonly used in Tooth gels, Mouthwashes, and many food flavoring agents.

Pro tip: Aloe leaves can be torn apart and the inside gel-like fluid can be applied to burns as it acts as an immediate remedy. Also, the fluid from Aloe shrubs can help reduce pores and wrinkles and gives a smoothing skin. If not comfortable with direct fluid one can easily purchase Aloe gel and use it accordingly.

6) Curry Leaves:

Curry Leaves also know as Kadai Patta is every kitchens delicacy. The leaves of Curry trees are used a seasoning and flavoring agents in almost all Indian foods and literally found in all tropical and subtropical regions of the country. Every part of the plant: leaves, roots and the bark are quite largely used for various medicinal applications. But Curry leaves are quite famous due to its high nutritional benefits and also its use a flavoring ingredient.

Apart from just adding a flavor to your food, Curry leaves also possess highly powerful health benefits. Curry leaves are rich in minerals, fibers and also helps in boosting immunity It helps in relieving Ameania. Diabetes, Indigestion problems, cholesterol, and helps maintain healthy liver conditions.

Pro tip: Curry leaves are a great source for weight loss due to high fiber content. Chewing on a few fried or dry curry leaves and even adding up some to your food can be proven really useful for people who are on a weight loss program. Curry leaves powder mixed with oil and applied to hair can work wonders and ultimately reduce hair loss and stop graying of hair.

7) Khus:

Khus plants or popularly knows as Khus grass is widely found in plains and hilly tropical areas of India. This plant has been cultivated for more than the past 3000 years for its medicinal applications. Apart from Medicinal applications, the leaves are also used for the manufacturing of Mats, hand fans and also serve many chemical applications.

The roots of these plants possess a high-level fragrance and it is the most important part of this plant. Oils made from Khus roots are used in high-end perfumes and high-end soaps due to its fragrance. The Khus plants have high medicinal properties and help prevent Jaundice, Diuretic, Arthritis, Maintains Blood sugar levels and also boosts blood circulation and immunity levels.

Pro tip: Oil extracted from Khush roots acts as an excellent hair care product and helps prevent lice and hair loss. It also prevents Body odors by just adding up the leaves in water or even by applying its essential oils.

8) Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is a highly lucrative medicinal herb whose application comes again from 3000 years ago and is a vital ayurvedic herb assisting natural healing. The root and berry(fruit) are the most important parts in the plant and their extracts are used in a wide range of medicinal applications.

Ashwagandha extracts are mainly implied as an adaptogen to relieve stress and depression. Further, these extracts also help in curing ailments like Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder, OCD, Insomnia and also help maintain Blood sugar levels, Cortisol levels, Cholesterol levels.

Pro tip: Ashwagandha extracts are really helpful in Increasing Muscle mass & strength and a must-have product on the list when on a workout plan. It also helps boost testosterone and fertility in men.

9) Sage:

Common Sage or Sage is again one highly applicable medicinal herb of the mint family. This small herb does possess some strong aromatic presence and is applicable as a flavoring agent in many foods, particularly in poultry and in sausages.

The herb which is popular for its essential oil extracts is generally used to boost hormones and also treat menopause and menstrual ailments. Apart from that, Sage leaves have strong antioxidant properties and also rich in calcium and Vitamins which can help cure ailments like Bloating, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Menstrual pain, Memory loss, loss of appetite and Blood sugar levels. Sage due to its influential aroma, it also serves its part in many cosmetic products. Research suggests that it can also combat cancer cells.

Pro tip: Sage leaves act as excellent skin and hair care ingredients. Boiling Sage leaves with a teacup of water and rinsing off your hair will not only sustain growth but also gives a shiny feel. Burning of Dried sage leaves is quite commonly practiced in India in order to improve air quality, kill bacterial and also to repel insects. The aroma from the burning of sage is also proven to relieve stress and improve mood.

10) Fenugreek:

Fenugreek also referred by the name Methi, has been utilized for over 1000 years for multiple purposes and has been gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. The popular herb is not only a common kitchen spice but also most commonly used in soaps and shampoos. The important parts of this plant would include leaves and seed extracts.

Fenugreek or Methi seeds are commonly utilized in manufacturing of artificial maple syrups, beverages, and even candies. The herb also contains rich antioxidants and nutrients which further raises its application in curing ailments like Diabetes, Constipation, Maintain blood sugar levels, testosterone, male libido and also boosts Lactation.

Pro tip: Methi seeds eaten cooked or boiled can serve as an excellent catalyst for weight loss and also relives Muscular pain. These extracts are also good for improving the thickness and growth of haircare which makes it apt for its application as a hair care product.

Ayurveda is an ancient science that goes into detail of using these plants for longevity and health. Comment below if you know about any more Medicinal plants in India.

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