20 Permanent Flowering Plants in India

Gardening is fun. It’s calming, it’s relaxing, and it makes for a great hobby. However, it can be a lot of hard work sometimes. Let’s face it. Unless you are a gardener by passion or profession, no one has the time and patience to sit down and weed out the dried plants, sow new seeds, and patiently maintain them, only to repeat the same process every four months.

What if we could make the gardening process a lot more fun, without compromising the quality of the garden, and save ourselves from the process of having to plant seeds all over again? Here’s a list of 20 permanent flowering plants that will stay green throughout the year, segmented into annual flowers best grown in the summer and in the winter.

Flowers Grown In Summer by seeds or stem cuttings (March to May)

1) Rose

You do not have to be a plant lover to know what Rose is. This plant has over 300 species and can form group plants that can be shrubs. Mainly known for its red color, the rose is found attractive to many couples. Roses can flower throughout the year.

Rose flowers in Indian Garden
Rose in Indian Home Garden

Rose soothes skin irritation and is used to reduce skin redness. It also contains antioxidants that are used to heal scars, cuts, and burns.

2) Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a great tropical plant, and makes for great climber plants. We’ve discussed in great detail about how you can grow bougainvillea as a climber plant in our blog.

Bougainvillea pink flowers

Bougainvillea is an evergreen climber plant and is used as an ornamental in many gardens. Its bright colors can do wonders to any gloomy garden. The plant loves an open-air and hot dry climate. It is also resistant to attacks by cattle and birds, owing to its thick piercing thorns.

3) Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

Generally known as a shoe flower by many school children, the hibiscus is a brightly colored flower with vividly colored petals. It has great medicinal values, but it most commonly is used as a dissecting flower in schools for learning purposes.

hibiscus flower in delhi
Yellow Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a species with a wide range of variations, each with bright colored petals and a wide selection of uses. Learn more about Hibiscus

4) Ixora

Ixora is one of the most common summer plants any garden can have. With over 500 species to its name, Ixora flowers rather freely in the summer months, sometimes also during winter. In fact, its variation Ixora Coccinea flowers during winter. We’ll cover that in a later section.

Ixora flowering plant
Ixora Flower Plant

The plants come mostly colored in red, yellow, and bright orange. Their growth and maintenance are also quite simple, making them favorites among many gardeners.

5) Lantana

Lantana is a broad-leaved vibrant flower that, although looks like a vine, is actually categorized as a shrub. They come in a wide variety of colors, including but not limited to yellow, orange, white, red, and purple. These colors can be mixed to create a bicolored effect that can only stand to beautify the garden as a whole.

Lantana Mix Colour Flower
Lantana Mixed Colour Flower

A gentle warning: These plants do not smell as good as they look, but make for excellent foliage.

They even prefer warm climates, with well-drained soils, and very less fertilizer.

6) Adenium

Adenium is more popularly known by local botanists and gardeners as the desert rose. Mostly used as Bonsai plants, these plants have bright and eye-sparkling colors and shades of red, which few flowers can compare to.

baby Adenium plants
Baby Adenium

One thing to note about these plants is that adenium is prone to attacks from worms, and so a good practice would be to apply a fungicide to the plants after cutting the stems. Learn more about Adenium

7) Milii

Milii is popularly known around the globe as the Christ plant or Christ thorn. It is native to Madagascar, however, many botanists have found India to be a suitable habitat for this plant as well. As a result, milii can be grown in many regions around the country where there is a warm climate with good, well-moistured soil.

Milli Flower
Milli Flower

The flowers of this plant are very small by nature and give a sort of unique experience to the gardener. Caring for milii plants is usually not a complex process, as it requires very low maintenance.

8) Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe consists of very bright, crisp colors of yellow, red, pink, orange, and white, and always flowers as a bunch to give the garden many small bouquets of vividly colorful plants.

Kalanchoe Flowering Plant

The plant can grow up to 12 inches in height and requires very low maintenance. Just provide the plant with a well-drained potting mix and lots of light, and you’re good to go.

9) Crossandra

Crossandra is a very famous crop, also known as Aboli, cultivated throughout many regions in India. Most of the cultivation is done for commercial purposes, however, it can also be planted for adding sheen to your garden.

Crossandra flowers
Crossandra Flowers

The plant is also known as the Firecracker plant because of its bright flamy color. They are also used as ornamental plants for many different occasions, often paired with jasmine to give a deep visual and fragrant effect.

10) Tiobouchina

Growing up to 15 feet, these plants, also known as Princess flowers, or Begum Bahar (Hindi). They are most commonly found in vivid dashes of purple. These plants are around 3 meters in diameter and almost fluorescent at night.

Tiobouchina flowers
Tiobouchina or Begum Bahar Flowers

Flowers Grown in Winter (September to November)

11) Mussaenda acuminta

This belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. This comes in a variety of colors and mainly known for its attractive appearances. This is native to Asian and African tropics. It’s a very important ornamental shrub. The leaves are around 7.5 – 12.5 cm long.

Mussaenda Plant with pink petals
Mussaenda Plant

These plants are used to treat leprosy and jaundice. And also patients suffering from asthma, ulcers, and edema are treated using this plant.

12) Ixora Coccinea

Similar to its summer flowering cousin, Ixora, Ixora Coccinea is native to Southern India, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. It is one of the most flowering shrubs in South Florida. In Hindi, it is called Rukmini. It comes in tall and dwarf sizes.

Ixora Coccinea
Ixora Coccinea

The flower is used to treat astringent and also dysentery. These plants are mainly used in China and India to treat fever and headache.

13) Crape Jasmine

Jasmine is also called as pinwheel flower. This is an evergreen shrub native to India and is now widespread all over Southeast Asia. It is family name is Apocynaceae. This flower is used in all ayurvedic products.

Crape Jasmine
Crape Jasmine

These plants are used as antioxidants, analgesics, and anti-tumor. Grape Jasmine can also be crushed and used as an eye drop.

14) Bougainvillea Spectabilis

Native to Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil, this plant would reach a height of 15 to 40 feet. With heart-shaped leaves and pubescent stems, the plant is a feast for the eyes.

Bougainvillea Spectabilis
Bougainvillea Spectabilis

The leaves are modified and then due to their shape are called bracts. This plant is also used to cure diarrhea and other stomach disorders. Also used to treat cough and sore throat.

15) Allamanda cathartica

The Allamanda cathartica flower is commonly called a golden trumpet. This plant is native to Brazil and southern America.

Allamanda cathartica
Allamanda cathartica

It can be used to kill bacterias and reduce swelling. They are also used as a medicine to treat and cure liver diseases. In some chemical experiments, Alamandacatharica is used as a neutralizer for free radicals. This is a good climber flowering plant

16) Snapdragons

Snapdragons are also known as antirrhinum and dragon flower because it resembles the face of a dragon. These plants mostly grow in rocky areas and are found in the natives of Europe and the U.S.

snapdragon flowers

They are used to treat tumors and ulcers. They are resolvent and stimulant and are mostly used to treat all kinds of inflammation.

We talk in detail about how to grow snapdragons and various other winter plants on our blog here

17) Orange Trumpet Creeper

These are fast-growing perennial plants. A nice soil is preferred for this plant. It is native to Africa and grows up to 8 feet tall. The flower can grow about 2 to 8cm in diameter. The plant also possesses extrafloral nectar at the base of each flower.

Orange Trumpet Creeper
Orange Trumpet Creeper

18) Clitoria ternatea

The Clitoria ternatea belongs to the family of Fabaceae. This is also called by the name of Asian Pegionwings. In India, it’s mostly known as Aparajita. This grows as a vine or creeper. It requires good moist soil. The color of the leaves is the center spotlight of this plant. It comes in yellow, and deep blue. These are about 4cm tall.

aparajita flower

This plant is used as a coloring agent. This flower helps to improve memory and reduce stress. It’s an auspicious flower and offered to Lord Shiva.

19) Night Jasmine

We can’t stop talking about the jasmine plant and for all the right reasons. The plant has lustrous white petals and a sweet-smelling fragrance that’s enough to melt any person’s heart. It’s also known as Harsingar or Parijat in India.

parijat flower
Night Jasmine

Night Jasmine is not a true jasmine plant but is of the jessamine plant, sometimes growing tomatoes and peppers on it. Its excellent blooming characteristics make it a perfect fit for privacy hedges and screens. Learn why Parijat is loved so much in India

20) Phlox

Phlox is majorly found in the northern parts of America. They mostly flower in the summer and sometimes spring. They can be found in different colors like blue, violet, pink, etc.,

phlox flowers

It’s believed that Ingesting this plant in the form of tea can help treat stomach and intestinal problems. Some say that it’s also used to purify the blood in the human body while also being used to treat skin problems and boils.

So those were some of the many many flowering plants you can grow in your garden that’ll live throughout the year. If you liked this article, also checkout:

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