What is Rosa Mister Lincoln (hybrid rose variety)?

Few flowers are as fragrant and colorful as the Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’. The double-flowered wine-red plant has been specifically bred, to strengthen the traits of the already beautiful rose. The plant has been grown for almost 60 years now, and in this article by Elitech Drip, we’re going to take a look at why these plants are so popular.

rosa mister lincon rose variety
Rosa Mister Lincon is extremely popular hybrid rose variety


Using two special cultivars (plants cultivated using selective breeding), the ‘Mister Lincoln’ was created in 1964. Its ancestors were grown in Iran for hundreds of years, and the resulting flower we’re talking about is because of these features it has inherited.


Mister Lincoln can grow to a maximum of 213 centimetres tall. As mentioned before, they are double-flowered, each containing around 30-35 petals and growing to about 15 centimetres in diameters. Their features do not fade away, even under trying climatic conditions. It can grow into a deep red foliage, slowly turning into matte green as it gets older. One uncommon disease it can catch is the black spot (a fungal disease).

Growth and Care

Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’ grows best when planted during the Summer and Fall seasons. The reason for this is that ‘Mister Lincoln’ requires full sun for its lighting requirement. Regular watering and fertilizer feeding is definitely needed. One thing that prevents black spots is maintaining a well-drained soil, but still keeping it moist enough for the rose to bloom brightly.

‘Mister Lincoln’ will attract a lot of other diseases like powdery mildew, rose rosette, and even rust. Regular adoption of fungicide will help prevent this problem, along with proper gardening practices like watering and pruning.


These flowers are often used as ornamental flowers, and work perfectly as garden beds and fence borders. They even work great on flower paths, doorway decorations, and much more.

It can also be used as a fresh cut rose, for gifts and bouquets. Due to being extremely fragrant and being rich in essential oil, Mister Lincoln Rosa is use to make rose water. Rose water is used in deserts, as a room freshner, and even in cosmetics.