Best Plants for Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are a treat to have in any garden. With hanging basket plants, gardeners can go crazy with their imagination and choice of plants, which often leads to people being left mesmerized by the look they give the garden as a whole.

flowers in hanging basket

Here, we’re going to discuss the best kinds of hanging basket plants that you can grow in your garden rather easily and with less maintenance. In fact, we’re going to split this article into three sections, covering hanging basket plants, flowers, and winter season plants, to give the garden variety, color, and fragrance with just a bit of a dash of everything in between.

Plants for Hanging Basket


The Ivy is at the top of our list (as it is in most gardener’s lists!) because it is such an easy plant to grow and maintain. It has the natural tendency to “drape” itself downwards. The ivy is also a perennial, meaning it can survive for two or more years quite effortlessly given the right care.

ivy plant hanging basket
Ivy Plant


  • The basket must be hung in areas where there is bright, adequate sunlight showering on it. Direct sunlight can damage or kill the ivy.
  • Water regularly (once or twice a week in the case of indoor baskets).
  • Remember to fertilize the plant every once or twice (depending on whether it is an outdoor or indoor hanging plant). We suggest using an approximate teaspoon of 20-10-20 analysis soluble fertilizer.

Wandering Jew:

The wandering jew gets its name from being a kind of “invader” of other regions in the garden. It can be perfect for indoor hanging baskets, with its green, heart-shaped leaves sporting purple stripes. This plant also has blooms that are very small in nature.

Wandering Jew

Care: Keep the soil moist at all times. The salt build-up in old soil can be lethal to the plants. Help the plants grow faster by cutting away at the stems.


Ferns are a common house plant, that makes for great hanging basket plants as well. Interestingly, there are several variants of the ferns (Boston ferns, Kimberly Queen, Maidenhair to name a few) that can be planted at home. There are different growth techniques and care procedures for different ferns, but the most common type of fern that you can grow at your homes is the Boston Fern.

Boston Fern


  • You can grow Boston ferns outside all year round. But it’s recommended to bring them indoors during the winter months.
  • These plants require large baskets, so it’s best to buy one that is a minimum of twelve inches deep.
  • Fertilize the plant every once a month, and make it a point to keep the soil moist.

Money Plant:

The money plant, like the Boston Ferns, is a very common hanging basket plant in modern homes, and for all the right reasons. It is also considered in some religions of the Indian households to be an auspicious plant. While we don’t know if the auspicious value of the money plant is true, we certainly know for sure that it is a great plant to embellish almost any home. Learn how to Grow Money Plant easily


  • Money plants are quite sensitive to change. They don’t get along well with very moist soil if they have been exposed to dry soil for a long period. Similarly, they don’t easily adapt to grow in dry soil if the plant has been in a watery foundation for a prolonged period.
  • Make sure the plant sits (or hangs) in a high, warm place, with exposure to bright, filtered light.
  • High humidity also favors the growth of these plants.

Copper coin Money Plant

A similar variation of the money plant is the copper coin money plant. This plant gets its name from its oddly circular shaped leaves. Its growth and care are similar to traditional money plants. These can be really pretty additions to your garden but are quite hard to find in many parts around India. The best way would be to order them online.

Copper Coin Money Plants

Rhoeo Spathacea

Rhoeo Spathacea is a great plant to have in your hanging basket collection because it has leaves that are green and purple and give the garden a kind of an elegant vibe. These plants have two variations, regular and variegated. There is also a poisonous variation of the Rhoeo, and obviously why it is not suggestible to grow.

Rhoeo Spathacea


  • Rhoeo can tolerate low light. Hot temperatures don’t sit well with this plant.
  • Keep the soil evenly moist, as Rhoeo plants need water to keep hydrated. This can be the exception during winters, as the soil can be left to dry a bit between waterings

Flowers for Hanging Basket

Indian Begonia

Begonia is a very pretty flower that can be used to serve as a blender in gardens when grown from seed. They make for excellent hanging baskets when coupled with a set of other blooming flowers. These plants are tender, and probably the most adaptable and low-maintenance.

Indian Begonia


  • Do not let the plant stay in the shade for too long. Appropriate lighting is required to aid good blooming.
  • For hanging baskets with these plants, a potting soil mix is the best option.
  • Begonia grows well in average temperatures, but in some conditions, they do well in slightly above average temperatures as well.

Indian Chrysanthemum

Often believed to be a close second to the rose, chrysanthemums, in general, are a must-have in every garden, and not just in the form of hanging baskets, but in well-grown pots too. Flowering time: June-November.


  • Well-drained soils are a favorite of this plant. 
  • Chrysanthemums can grow in average room temperatures, during both the day and night.
  • Make sure to water the plants regularly for a good bloom.


Though these visual delights are native to the Northern and Southern parts of America, a hybrid version of them is available to plant in India. Verbena Hybrida, or commonly known as Verbena is a great plant that forms ring-like structures with its flowers. The whole plant forms a crown that is a dazzling spectacle in any garden.

Verbena Hybrida


  • Verbena requires a regular 6 hours of sunlight each day.
  • The soil should be well-drained, but this doesn’t matter as much as the watering.
  • Keep the plant hydrated by watering at least once a  week.

Portulaca Grandiflora

This small petaled, colorful flower serves very well as a bordering flower plant. These plants also make great hanging basket plants, because of all the decorative colors they come in. You can choose between pink, white, red, yellow, and a whole palette of other colors (Why not choose a bit of everything?)

Portulaca Grandiflora


  • Growing these flowers through stem cutting helps in faster flowering (flowers actually start blooming the very next day in some cases).
  • Portulaca is pretty drought tolerant and can stay long enough without water, but when grown in hanging baskets, it’s only appropriate to keep the soil moist enough.
  • This Plant branches easily so keep around six-inch distance between two plants

Winter Flowers for Hanging Basket

Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are also a form of ivy plants. They have small petals with bright colors that splash a bit of appreciation to your garden. The vivid colors can add to the beauty of the ivy plants when coupled together in a hanging basket.

winter pansy flowers
Winter Pansies


  • The basket must be hung in areas where there is bright, adequate sunlight showering on it. Direct sunlight can cause damage.
  • Water regularly (once or twice a week in the case of indoor baskets).


Viola is a winter-blooming flower and really adds to the serenity of the garden during the winter months. It does really well as a  hanging basket plant too, adding pretty dashes of paint to the high spots of the garden.

viola hanging basket
Viola Hanging Basket

Care: Use different varieties of viola for your hanging baskets, like Viola sweeties which are trailing violas. Plant the baskets in places of low sunlight, or partly shaded areas.


Primroses are also winter flowers available in many different sizes and colors, and growing them together gives a great overall outlook to the garden. Their bright colors set a great tone for the winter season.

primrose in hanging basket


  • Water these plants sparingly, just until the roots are well established. 
  • Don’t go ahead and over-water the primroses though. Damp soil can encourage the rotting of the plants.

So those were some of the best hanging basket plants and flowers that can help amp up the beauty and overall look of your garden. For more options checkout: Top 10 plants for vertical garden as you can use most plants from that list also.

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