How to Grow Money Plant at Home

Money plant is something which is common in every household. This plant is known by many names namely golden pothos, silver vine, devil’s vine, devil’s ivy, Soloman Island’s ivy, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, taro vine, Feng shui money plant etc.

Money Plants is Easy to Grow

These plants are evergreen climbers and can achieve a height of 20 meters with no extensive care. Growing these plants is easy and needs no expertise. They can be grown both in the soil as well as water-filled bottles, jars or any type of containers.

This plant can grow both indoor and outdoor. Money plant can be grown any time of the year, irrespective of the season. The plant can be grown under direct as well as indirect sunlight. But, excess sunlight might result to be harmful by yellowing the leaves and might even burn them. As the name suggests, the money plant is a symbol of money. We included Money Plant in the list of Top 5 Airpurifying Indoor plants & Lucky Plants for Home & Office

It’s believed since ages that money plant invites wealth, prosperity, happiness and good luck to your home.


There are 5 major types of money plants. Those are as follows-

1) EPIPREMNUM AUREUM MONEY PLANT: A tropical vine mostly found in South-Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and in some other countries too like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. This is the type of money plant we have mentioned above and will be discussing.

money plant in water

2) CRASSULA OVATA MONEY PLANT: This plant is also known as Jade Money plant, friendship plant, lucky plant etc. This plant is categorized as a succulent plant, producing bunches of flowers of colors white or pink. It is a well-known household globally. It is a good indoor plant as it works as a natural air purifier.


3) PILEA PEPEROMIOIDES MONEY PLANT: This plant is known by many names like Chinese money plant, pancake plant, missionary plant etc. It is a succulent as well as a flowering plant. Its origin is from China.


4) LUNARIA ANNUA MONEY PLANT: This flowering plant has got many interesting names. In China, it is known as Purple Money Plant, silver dollars, Chinese money or Chinese coins. The French call it ‘Monnaie du pape’ or the Pope’s money. In Denmark, its Judaspenge and it is known as coins of Judas in Dutch-speaking countries.


5) PACHIRA AQUATICA MONEY PLANT: This is an indoor flowering house plant which is one of the most popular plants used as a feng shui cure. It is known by many names like Malabar chestnut, Guiana chestnut, French chestnut, provision tree, saba nut, monguba, pumpo etc. It is originated from Central and South America. Its intertwined stems add unique aesthetics to it.


Video on How to grow and care for money plant:

Growing Money Plant from stem cuttings

This involves a stepwise procedure as follows:-

  1. Select a healthy branch of about 30 cm with at least 3-4 nodes.
  2. Cut the branch below the node(the point where the leaves emerge)
  3. Remove the lower leaves and place the cutting in any container(like glass, jar, old electric bulb) filled with clean water.
  4. On node must be kept submerged in water. Optional tip: You can fold the branch completely immersed in water to include more nodes for the growth of roots at each node.
  5. Put the container near sunlight
Propagating Money plant in water

Care Tips

  1. Keep changing the water weekly.
  2. Fertilizer is not necessary. However, some nitrate-based fertilizers can be added for fast growth.
  3. Frequently add water to maintain the level.
  4. If growing in a pot, make sure that it has been holed properly.
  5. The plant can grow in any type of soil but it is preferred to have free-draining soil.
  6. Overwatering might rot the roots. Leaves turning yellow and curling up is a sign of excessive watering.
  7. Put a stick in soil to help the vine grow.


If the plant is not pruned in time, it might grow too long. To maintain the size of your money plant, carefully prune the plant annually so that it stays low to the trunk with a compact look. Following are the tips on how to prune a money plant to give it a bush-like shape.

  1. Yellow /dry/dead leaves must be removed so that the plant does not waste its energy
  2. Cutting the tips of the growing branches to prevent the money tree from growing taller
    after it reaches the height you want and to encourage new branches and more dense
  3. Continue cutting the extra leaves and branches to keep the plant in shape. Cut about
    1/3rd of a stem at 45-degree angle.

Being a good indoor plant, it purifies air naturally. Oxygen-rich air energizes the house. It works as a stress or anxiety reliever in times of depression, when kept at the correct position. It also said to help avoid arguments and sleep disorders. Vastu experts say positive energy in our day-to-day lives, is activated by such plants. The Money plant believed to brings home wealth, prosperity, happiness, and good luck.

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