Top 10 Plants for Vertical Garden in India

You’ve landed on the right place if you’re in hunt of a vertical garden. You can grow a wide variety of plants be it edible, or just for the aesthetics of it or both. Vertical gardens are a green answer for gardening in an urban lifestyle where limited space is an issue. Fancy plants not just add to the stylish feeling of the place, they also help in making the space eco-friendly.

vertical green wall

When you are about to plant a beautiful vertical garden, the location of the garden is quite important. Some important parameters include when do you get the sun rays. Will your garden get morning sun or afternoon sun? Or will it get sun rays throughout the day? Are you planning for a shelter for your garden during rainy days? It is known that some plants are better in handling one weather as opposed to other plants.

Here, we will discuss the various ornamental plants including both foliage and flowering plants.

Under foliage, we have:

1) Money Plant or Golden Pothos:

First up is the famous ‘Money Plant’. It is a vining plant that is very simple to think about. They effectively develop and spread over a wide length of the divider. Money plant inclines toward roundabout light and will endure low light; flourishes better in damp regions, for example, washroom dividers. It needs watering every 7 to 10 days when the top layer of soil is dry. Money plant can grow up to a length of 20 feet.

money plant in water
Money Plants

2) Sword Fern:

They are the most normal vertical nursery plants used, these days. Frequently developed in draping bins on green dividers. They prefer light to substantial shade; most plants like a normal temperature of 20-25 degrees C. Ordinary watering will do but never let the dirt get totally dry. It can grow up to 4-5 feet. Sword fern is also called Boston Fern in some places.

sword fern in vertical garden
Sword Fern / Boston Fern

3) Goliath lilyturf:

They have thick spreading lash like leaves that are polished and dull green. Even though it is developed for its thick green foliage, it blooms in summer and its blossoms are very conspicuous. They are good in full-sun to full-shade. They generally like the temperature between 15-20 degrees C. They need standard watering all through the developing season and can grow up to 4 feet tall.

Goliath lilyturf for vertical garden
Goliath lilyturf

4) English ivy:

Ivy is a solid, evergreen vine. It appends itself by airborne rootlets to the dividers and different surfaces. Developed fundamentally for its lavish foliage, which shapes a cool green spread on dividers or whichever vertical surface they’re developed on. They are comfortable in full to the half sun and between 10-20 degrees C. Some normal watering is required but they can grow up to a staggering 20 to 90 feet high.

english ivy plant
English Ivy

5) Philodendron:

It is anything but difficult to deal with, the plant gives you signs, the plant will let you know precisely what it needs. There are many varieties available in Philodendron and they can be climbers or non-climbing. You’d most likely want to use climbing type Philodendron for vertical gardening. They are agreeable both as indoor and outside plants. They are splendid in bright and indirect sunlight between 25-30 degrees C. While watering philodendron plants, permit the top inch of the dirt to dry out between watering. It can grow up to a length of 10-20 feet.

Philodendron house plant
Philodendron Variety

Now let’s talk about flowers, we have:

6) Peace lily:

The peace lily is utilized in a vertical nursery attributable to its rapidly developing capacity. Simple to develop as they are tolerant to bring downlight and low moistness. They can grow in brilliant to medium light between 17-25 degrees C. You have to water them once per week and spritz the leaves with distilled water all through the late spring developing season. They are beautiful white blossoms which can grow up to 2 feet high.

Peace Lily

7) Geranium Assortments:

Geranium Flowers can add beautiful colors to your vertical green wall. They sprout in an eruption of profound reds, red, pink, white, purple and so forth with blossoms enduring the whole planting season.

Splendid to medium light is required alongside 15-20 degrees C. Though they’re known to be dry spell tolerant, incidental watering can be advised. They can grow up to 12 inches tall.

Geranium Flower wall

8) Wedding Vines / Wisteria Flowers

Wedding vine gets its name from the design reason it serves at weddings. Its actual name is Wisteria Flowers. It’s developed vertically broadly for its unadulterated white, waxy, strongly fragrant blossoms. It prefers a temperature range of 20-30 degrees C. You should water until the dirt blend is soaked; the blend should deplete uninhibitedly. It can grow up to 6 feet or more giving pure bright white flowers.

Wedding Vine

9) Star Jasmine:

Star Jasmine is an evergreen plant and can be effectively-prepared on the trellis. It can grow in full to the incomplete sun. Star Jasmine does ask for regular watering schedule. Our automatic garden watering system will come handy. They’re beautiful white flowers growing up to 3 to 9 meters high.

The Botanical Name of Star Jasmine is Jasminum sambac. It grows well in Indian climate and is also referred to as Belle of India.

Star Jasmine

10) English Lavender:

English Lavender is an evergreen garden herb that flourishes in summer warmth and dry climate. Its botanical name is Lavandula angustifolia. These beautiful lavender colored flowers are well suited for their therapeutic and culinary applications.

They require full sun and temperature ranges between 20-25 degrees C. Though standard watering isn’t required, we advise occasional watering. These can grow up to 2 meters high.

English Lavender

The right determination of plants assumes a significant role in the structure and working of vertical living divider gardens. Share your vertical gardening ideas with us and other readers.

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