How to Grow Jackfruit at Home

Jackfruit is known to be the largest fruit in the world. In south-east Asian countries, jackfruit has its own craze. It has a sweet and mild flavour. Growing jackfruit at home requires a lifelong commitment because, from the very beginning stage, it demands space, water, warmth and delicate care to grow up into a big tree. Botanical Name of Jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus.

Jackfruit trees can have an age limit of one century. This might look like a huge task in the beginning but the end result is deliciously worth it. During the growth period, a person might feel as if he/she is upbringing a child. With the passage of time, the plant would turn into a tree and bear more and more fruits. Available in a lot of supermarkets and Asian markets, Jackfruit is easily accessible. In Hindi, Jackfruit is mostly called Kathal. In Marathi, it’s called Fanas

Optimal Conditions for growth

  1. Area- Humid and low-lying areas. Proper ventilation is required. As it ends up growing huge, it needs more area to grow
  2. Temperature – Temperature should not be too low or too high.
  3. Water – Overwatering during growth stage might rot the seeds and the plants. Watering is to be done so as to keep the soil moist. Must be watered twice a week.
  4. Environment – The plant must be grown in a warm and sunny environment.
  5. Soil – Soil must be well-draining, soft and fertile. Weeds must be removed to ensure proper growth of the plant. You must be assured that the soil has some content of clay or compost.
  6. Fertilizer – Use fertilizer every six months. And increase the amount after two years.

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How to grow from seeds

  1. Find the right space in your backyard or garden as the plant would be growing into a huge tree. Make sure the place is properly ventilated and receives the right amount of sunlight.
  2. If you avail a jackfruit, you can remove the seeds from the pulp and rinse the seeds in warm water to make sure that it is not sticky. Also, you can buy the readily available seed from a gardening vendor or get it online. Make sure you have multiple seeds as these seeds only last for 4 weeks.
  3. Soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours to help it germinate properly.
  4. Take a well-draining pot and fill the pot with the proper type of soil that must be containing sand and compost.
  5. Sow the seeds in the centre of the pot. Make sure that the seeds are evenly spaced. You must sow at least three seeds so that minimum one seed can germinate.
  6. Water the seeds every day. Make sure that the soil is moist but not saturated. Do not overwater the seeds, or else the seeds might over-germinate and might rot.
  7. Place the pot in a warm, sheltered and sunny space. Assure that the plant is growing in a humid environment.
  8. After three to four weeks, seeds must have grown into a seedling. As soon as the shoot has four leaves, transplant the plant into the chosen space in the backyard. Plant it safely in a spacious area where it gets full sunlight. Remove the weeds and other roots from the surrounding.
  9. Water the plant every day. Provide it with fertilizer every six months for two years and increase the quantity after that. After the tree reaches a height of 20 feet, start trimming it so that you can reach it with ease.
  10. After 3-4 years, you can pick your fruits as your plants will be full-fledged.
Jackfruits on a tree

Care Tips

  1. Never ever over-water.
  2. Dig a proper hole such that the plant can fit in with ease.
  3. Safely transplant the plant into the soil.
  4. Carefully trim the tree.
  5. From the 4th/5th month to 8th month, the fruits will ripen. Once the fruits have a yellow tinge and start smelling sweet, you can pick the fruits.
Kathal / Jackfruit can be consumed as Vegetable or Fruit

Health Benefits of Jack Fruit

  1. Immuniser– Helps in boosting the immune system as it is the wealth of antioxidants. One of the natural antioxidants is Vitamin C and jackfruit is its storehouse.
  2. Energizer– Jackfruit is a messiah for the weight conscious people as it is an energy booster. Rich in carbohydrates which gives you instant energy. Does not contain fat.
  3. Improves cardiovascular health– The overall cardiovascular system is promoted by potassium and jackfruit can fulfil your daily needs with it.
  4. Anaemia prevention– High iron content helps increase the red blood cells count and helps prevent anaemia.
  5. Better digestion– Being rich in dietry fiber, ensures digestion is smooth.
  6. Prevents cancer– Good source of fibre prevents cancer.
  7. Protects eyes– Contains vitamin A and related compounds that are quite important for the protection of eyes.
  8. Helpful to asthma patients– This cureless disease’s symptoms are reduced by the largest fruit on earth.
  9. Anti-ageing aspects- Some day or the other, a person will get old. This can not be stopped but can be slowed. Jackfruit proves to be helpful to forestall the ageing effects and slow down the process.
  10. Improves bone health– Jackfruit also has high amounts of iron content. That is why it strengthens the muscles and promotes the health of the bones.

What is Jackfruit Called in India?

Most commonly, Jackfruit is refered to as Kathahal in India. Written in Hindi: कटहल. In southern India, it’s also called Fanas or Phanas (फणस).

What are the Health Benefits of Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is said to improve immunity, Provides energy without fats, Rich source of Potassium and Iron, Improved digestion, Promotes bone and muscle health.

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