What are the Advantages of Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is changing the world. Yes, people are rapidly shifting to drip irrigation systems for watering not only their farmland but also their homes. It has been the boon for Urban Gardeners who love to keep plants at home but they also have a busy schedule.

Drip Irrigation is an excellent way to deliver just the right amount of water to plants. Using this, you can water your plant directly at the root zone and control how much water each plant gets. Farmers have been raving about how drip irrigating their farm results in higher crop yield with less water and fertilizers. Learn about history for drip irrigation

This makes us wonder, what are the advantages of a drip irrigation system for home garden? Let’s discuss these benefits:

Saves Water

International Water Management Institute says that the world’s one-third population would face absolute water scarcity by 2025. Even India’s NITI Aayog’s report on the ‘Composite water management index’ emphasized the water stress that India is facing.

data source: vikaspedia

With this alarming water scarcity problem, drip irrigation seems to be an excellent method to save water. Drip irrigation system supplies water directly at the root region of the plant. Therefore, water loss due to evaporation on barren land is reduced considerably. Drip irrigation can save up to 70% of the water, more if used on a farmland for crop cultivation.

Reduces Weed Growth

Cutting off weeds from our garden can be a constant challenge. With traditional watering methods, these unwanted plants get the same nutrients and water that our precious plants get.

Since drip irrigation waters directly at the roots of our plants, the surrounding soil does not get enough water for weed growth. This means time saved by not only automatically watering your garden but also by not having to pull out weeds regularly.


In our busy schedule, it often gets difficult to water our plants regularly. How many times it has happened that you forgot to water the plants before leaving for work. And the whole day you had to feel guilty about it.

Drip irrigation system is a perfect solution for this problem. Knowing that your home garden can take care of itself is a wonderful feeling. This will also encourage you to add more plants to your garden. Let your neighbors wonder how you take care of so many plants all by yourself.

Vacation Watering

Who doesn’t like to go on a vacation. But what do you do to ensure that your plants don’t die when you are away. Do you ask your neighbor to water your plants? Must feel little bit odd right?

Elitech Drip Automatic Irrigation kit is perfect for this case. Just install it before leaving going on vacation and you might not want to water your plants even when you come back home.

Vertical Green Wall Watering

Vertical Garden is the new craze among the urban gardeners. Green living wall is very common in luxury hotels and restaurants. Vertical green wall is like a ticket to being a cool gardener. Have you wondered how people water a vertical garden? Well, drip irrigation system is almost mandatory for a vertical garden. List of plant for Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is easy to setup. And it can make the area more lively and fresh. If you’re considering vertical garden for your balcony, We got you covered for your automatic plant watering needs. Know about components of home drip irrigation kit

Watering Hydroponic System

Do you know plants and vegetables can be grown without soil? Yes, hydroponics is a method of growing plants where the roots are in direct contact with the nutrient-rich solution. Experienced practitioners say that growth of plants is 25 percent faster and 30 percent more with a hydroponic system.

hydroponic drip system

Hydroponic Drip System can use the same Elitech Drip watering system to deliver water to the growing medium. Although, you’ll also need a submersible pump and timer. This system does use a growing medium like coconut coir, peat moss, or Rockwool is used instead of soil.