What Plants can you Grow in Water?

Growing plants in a closed environment can be a bit bothersome. If the appropriate conditions are not met, the plant may possibly wither away. To prevent this, it makes sense that we grow plants that can survive only in water in some indoor conditions. Given below is a list that does just that – a list of the best plants you can grow in water!

1) Chinese evergreen

These plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia and guinea. They are evergreen perennial herbs having stems that can either be a creeper or stand erect. Bearing unisex flowers in a spadix, some plants even bear female flowers in the base and the male flowers near the tip.

The plant has a crown of leaf blades that are wild species in silver and golden color. The fleshy berry is the fruit that ripens red having one large seed inside it. These are mostly grown as ornamental plants in Asia.


The Chinese evergreen is used to purify the air by reducing the toxins and pollution contents in the atmosphere, as the leaves emit fresh oxygen which furthermore improves the health and increases productivity.

This plant is also a remedy for patients who are suffering from asthma.

Growing Tips

They are low light plants i.e. they don’t need to be exposed in the sun to grow better, making it an indoor plant.

2) English Ivy

Its scientific name is hedera helix. This plant is native to western Asia and Europe. The word ivy is derived from the Greek word ‘twist, turn’. This plant is an evergreen growing plant that can reach a height of 20 to 30 meters. Ivy’s climbing ability is quite amusing as they cling strongly to the substrate, which is one of the reasons it serves as a great hanging basket plant as well. The leaves are 50 to 100 mm long. The flowers are produced in summer, about 3 to 5 cm in diameter.

English Ivy


This plant is capable of clearing benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene from the atmosphere.

The Ivy is also used to reduce the mold in the house.

It can also reduce swelling and intoxications. Asthma patients are treated using this plant.

3) Lotus

Lotus is the national plant of India and Vietnam and is native to South Asia and Australia. It holds the record for being the oldest germinating plant from a seed, 1,300 years old in China. It is commonly cultivated as an aquatic plant in the water garden. The leaf stock grows to a height of 6 feet. The leaves themselves are about 80cm. Researches show that these plants have the ability to control temperature just to attract the cold-blooded species. It is believed that the lotus can live up to a thousand years.

pink lotus flower


The Lotus’ stem possesses Vitamin C and nutrients that can be used to treat deficiency.

This plant is also used to regulate blood pressure, owing to its storage of potassium.

People suffering from trauma, inflammation or any other physical injury are treated using lotus seeds.

Scientists have found that the lotus seeds embryo has the ability to kill cancer cells.

4) Sword Lily

Sword Lily is native to Asia, South Africa, and Mediterranean Europe. The stems are generally unbranched and grow from rounded corms. They produce 9 sword-shaped, narrow leaves. These vary from a very small 40 mm in size. Its other name is Gladiolus.

sword lily pink
Sword Lily

Sword Lilies are bisexual plants and the petals are almost identical in appearances. The ovary has many winged brown seeds. These plants come in various colors and are range from white to orange.


These plants are enriched with Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. These plants are used to reduce stress. The hummingbird and butterflies are attracted to the fragrance. These are also used to treat anxiety attacks.

5) Philodendron

This is one of the largest genera of plants in the Araceae family. Philodendron is Greek for ‘love, affection tree’. The plant, upon reaching a certain height, begins to grow aerial root trees that grow till the ground and nutrients can be obtained from these roots.

Types of  philodendron
Types of philodendron


By planting a philodendron plant every 100 square feet, the air is purified, keeping the whole atmosphere safe from all the pollutants (You can also check out so other air purifying plants on our blog).

Patients suffering from asthma are always advised to keep these plants in their homes.

6) Wandering Jew

This is an attractive plant having brilliantly vivid dashes of green, silver, and purple. The leaves are about 10 to 12 mm long and 5 to 8 mm wide. They are mostly ovate in nature. They are also colored in bluish-green hues and have two longitudinal stripes which are silvery surfaces in nature.

wandering jew pant
Wandering jew

The plants are native to Mexico, Central America. They mostly grow in the stones or waters. At the mouth, they are long and slightly hairy. The flowers are purple and pink in color


The plants are anti-oxidant in nature.

The leaves have an antibacterial property against bacillus and Proteus species.

Wandering Jew has compounds that help in the breakdown of acetylcholine and abnormal heart rhythms.

7) The Purple Heart Plant

This gorgeous plant has elongated and pointed leaves that are green with red fringes. They have three-petaled flowers that are white in color.

Purple Heart plant

The plants are sometimes killed by moderate frost but can be regrown back from the roots. They are widely used as ornamental plants and are grown in places where they can be used as a ground cover plant and that cannot survive the winter season.


This plant has the ability to purify the air containing phytoremediation.

They are also used to treat blood circulation and can act as anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

8) Spider Plant

This is a perennial flowering plant and is native to tropical and southern parts of Africa. Spider plants are easy to grow and also one of the most popular plants for outdoor gardening.

Spider plant growing in water
Spider plant growing in water

They grow to about 60cm in height. The plant has tuberous roots reaching about a length of 20 to 45 cm. They also have flowers that initially occur in clusters which range from 2 to 8 cm. In many cases, the greenish-white flowers wither away.


This plant has the ability to absorb the carbon mono-oxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful gases from the atmosphere leaving the air clean and providing it with pure oxygen.

They are also deemed safe for pets and even young children

9) Money Plant

Money plant, aka Pothos, is native to the society islands of French Polynesia and is also called the devil’s ivy since it is impossible to kill this plant and stays green.

money plant in water

The plant grows to a maximum of 20m in height, having stems up to 4 cm in diameter. They have aerial roots through which these plants tend to climb and adhere to the surfaces. The leaves are heart-shaped.


The plant is used as a remedy for curing eye irritation.

Pothos acts as an air purifier which cleanses the air and protects from harmful gasses.

10) Coleus Plant

Coleus is a former genus of flowering plants in the Lamiaceae family. Now, they are recognized as a member of the Plectranthus family. The plant is an ornamental plant and is mostly known for its bright colors.

Coleus Propagating in Water
Coleus Propagating in Water

The size of the plant ranges from 1 to 8 inches and can grow up to 36 inches tall. They come under a variety of shapes and colors. In frost-free areas, these plants tend to grow for several years.


Coleus is used as a remedy for heart diseases from ancient times.

The plant acts as a cure for respiratory problems like asthma.

The roots contain a chemical called forskolin which is used to lower blood pressure.

Those were some of the best indoor plants you can plant in water. With the proper care and nourishment, they should start blooming in no time.

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