9 Flowers that only Bloom at Night

Picture this, on a calm night, you are sitting in your beautiful garden which is loaded with excellent, sweetly fragrant flowers. How quiet that experience can be? Such an encounter could liberate you from stress and strain, particularly following a bustling day. Are there any such night-blooming flowers in your nursery? If not, here the rundown of 10 most delightful night-blooming flowers on the planet. 

1) Night Scented Orchid 

The night-scented orchid or epidendrum nocturnum is a wonderful night-blooming orchid local to tropical districts of Central and South America. This orchid develops best in cool to warm conditions. It blossoms from summer to fall. 

night scented orchid flower
Night Scented Orchid

On blooming, you could see 2 or 3 flowers on a solitary plant. Night scented orchid flowers have long, wide-spreading sepals and petals. The flowers are likewise spread a solid aroma at night. 

2) Nottingham Catchfly 

Nottingham catchfly is a yellowish-white, wildflower that fundamentally found in rough banks and slope edges of Southern Finland. This flowering plant is known as Eurasian catchfly in U.S. Nottingham catchfly is first found in Nottingham place in England. The plant is named after the Nottingham royal residence. 

Nottingham catchfly flower
Nottingham catchfly

The Nottingham catchfly sprout between the long periods of June and July. The flowers stay shut during the daytime and open late in the evening or night. Each flower has 5 yellowish-while restricted petals with bristly leaves. The flowers produce solid aroma during the night and it would pull in moths and creepy crawlies. 

Nottingham catchfly flowers turn out to be increasingly alluring during nightfall. This plant keeps on blooming for three progressive nights. Every night, the plant opens various stamens to expand fertilization. 

3) Evening Primrose 

The evening primrose plant is developed for the oil and palatable roots. The evening primrose oil contains various basic unsaturated fats that are incredible for good health. The plant is local to the Americas. There are 145 unique kinds of primroses altogether. It is named so due to the wonderful flowers are just open at night. 

evening primrose yellow flower
Evening Primrose

The evening primrose plant grows 3 to 5 feet in tallness. Its stem is strong and delicate shaggy. The plant sprouts among July and August. The brilliant yellow shaded flowers sprout just at night and quit for the day morning. The flowers are likewise unequivocally scented during night time. 

4) Chocolate Flower 

Known as berlandiera lyrata, a night-blooming plant that principally found in fields and rough limestone soils in the United States. It is otherwise called chocolate-scented daisy, named after its pleasant chocolate-like aroma.

chocolate smelling flower
Chocolate flower

Chocolate flower sprouts from mid-spring to pre-fall, just at night. In the wake of blooming, the flowers produce a rich cocoa smell until the morning. 

5) Tropical Night Blooming Water Lilies 

There are various night-blooming tropical water lilies on the planet. These flowers sprout at the nightfall and close up in the mind-morning. The night-blooming tropical water lilies come in wide assortments of hues including purple, blue, red, pink, orange and yellow. 

Night Blooming Water Lilies
Night Blooming Water Lily

The tropical water lilies are additionally extremely huge in size. They can have a diameter of 2-12 feet. The tropical water lilies just develop best in lakes where the temperatures are over 65 degrees Fahrenheit. checkout plants that you can grow in water

6) Night Blooming Jessamine 

The night-blooming jessamine is a woody evergreen bush that local to West Indies and South Asia. The plant is otherwise called night jessamine and night-blooming Cestrum. It develops best in damp sandy soil, arrives at a stature somewhere in the range of 6 and 13 feet. In India is referred to as “Raat ki Raani”.

raat ki raani
Raat ki Raani

The night jessamine blossom in hotter months. The plant produces modest, rounded greenish-white flowers which open just at night. The lovely flowers additionally produce a solid, pleasant smell. Yet, the flowers and berries of night jessamine contain toxic components. So you need to plant the night jessamine erring on the side of caution where kids can’t reach effectively. 

7) Moonflower 

The Moonflower is an excellent night-blooming pleasant-smelling flower that develops best in the Americas. As the name recommends, the Moonflowers open at the sunset and close up in the morning. The delightful white-pink blooms likewise resemble a full Moon. 


The sandy loam soil is the best soil to plant Moonflower seeds. The plant grows 6 to 15 feet in tallness. They need a hotter temperature. The Moonflowers blossom in spring and summer. The white-pink flowers open at the sunset which have a diameter of 2-43 inches. The Moonflowers likewise produce a pleasant smell that keeps going as the night progressed. 

8) Four O’clock Flower 

Also, known as ‘Mirabilis Jalapa’ which ordinarily called as four O’clock flowers. The flowers called so in light of the fact that they blossom just in the evening and last till the morning.

four o clock flower
Mirabilis Jalapa

The Four O’clock flowers arrive in an assortment of hues including red, pink, yellow, blue and white. They are additionally one of the most pleasant smelling flowers on the planet. 

9) Brahma Kamal

Brahma Kamal or night-blooming cereus is an auspicious flower from the prickly plant family that discovered generally in Mexico and Southern Arizona. It’s a weird plant that blossoms just for a solitary day in a year, among June and July. The wonderful, white flowers are just open at night. The pleasant smell of these flowers endures till the morning. The following morning subsequent to blooming the night-blooming cereus will flower closes until the end of time. Read all about Brahma Kamal

brahma kamal
Brahma Kamal

There are various kinds of night-blooming cereus on the planet, including peniocereus greggi, echinopsis pachanoi and hydrocereus undatus. The paniocereus greggi is the most popular types of night-blooming cereus. The white-velvety flowers of night-blooming flowers have a diameter of 6 inches. The abnormal one night-blooming plant is pollinated by sphinx moths and nectar-encouraging bats.

Why do some flowers only bloom at night?

Flowers are attractive. Not only for humans but also for insects and bees. And that’s for a reason: Plants wants to spread their seeds. Flowers attract bees which helps with pollination. Bees mostly roam around during day time.

However, there are many insects that come out at night. For example, mosquitos, moth, beetles, ants etc. According to an answer by biologist from ASU school of life science, pollinators like moth come out during night and therefore flowers like Moonflower have evolved to attract these moths. Most night-blooming flowers, including Moonflower are light-colored which is attractive to Moths.

It can be difficult to understand nature. But some flowers only bloom at night because in their native ecosystem, pollinators mostly come out during the night.

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