Why you should Consider Kitchen Gardening?

A Kitchen garden is a garden where fruits and vegetables are grown for our own consumption. It is a really popular niche version of a conventional garden. A lot of people are taking a liking to it, especially in urban areas. Basically, you choose your plants at home garden carefully for Kitchen use.

In this article by Elitech Drip, we’re going to take a look at why kitchen gardening may be the best kind of garden you would want at your home. But before we get to that, let’s clear one question first.

Why A Kitchen Garden?

Vegetables and fruits are important sources of food and essentials, and to grow them with nothing but a little effort seems like a pretty sweet deal. Just using your homegrown veggies and herb for cooking is good enough reason. You get to have fresh vegetables, without any harmful pesticides. Find a suitable area in your home (big enough to your liking), pick your vegetables and other plants, use natural fertilizers and you’re all set.

Now, are vegetables and fruits the only sources of nutrients and food? No, but would you rather have processed, packaged, artificially ripened food that contains chemicals? Exactly. Fresh vegetables and fruits occupy a major portion in our daily diets, especially for vegetarians. These vegetables may be the only source of increasing not only nutritional value of your plate, but also its palatability.

A bare minimum intake of 85 grams of fruits and 300 grams of vegetables per day is required for proper functioning of your body, and avoid the chances of getting fatalistic diseases – according to the dietary recommendation of most nutritionists and healthcare specialists. But if you look at the present value of production of vegetables in India, the per capita consumption is only about 120 grams of vegetables per day. For a healthier and better lifestyle, growing your very own garden is a genuinely great practice.

As there has been rapid and expansive growth in urban areas, the area left for agriculture has shrunk dramatically over time. There may even be an enormous demand in the open food supply, according to some experts. To repair our ecological foundations and bring about a change in our current lifestyles. We will have to strengthen our urban areas’ connection with nature. Kitchen gardening is a very feasible approach to this issue.

Apart from this, there are a lot more advantages to having a kitchen garden. Now that we’ve cleared why kitchen gardens are important, let’s take a look at what advantages implementing kitchen gardens can bring to your home, and the environment.

Advantages of Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens provide the city dwellers with a chance to produce their own food, that is fresh and healthy and will also provide a chance for them to learn new things in the process about the local varieties of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in your garden.

This will also promote health and health consciousness, because the vegetables grown in your garden will be rich in nutrients, especially phytochemicals, antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and even folate(a type of Vitamin B).

You should also know that there is no risk of adulteration of your food from toxic pesticides.

Radish, broadleaf, mustard, pines, pumpkins, mint coriander, peas, tomatoes and many other things that your kitchen garden can grow if you become seasoned enough as a gardener. Your garden can be as ambitious as your imagination.

At the back of your home or on your balcony, in all of your terraces or even in your courtyard – all these places can become your green paradises, with cleaner lungs, keeping up with the dust and dirt around your toxically polluted city.

Herbal detox: Herbs are also pretty important ingredients to the food that we eat. They help in detoxifying and improve the healing properties of our body in many ways. So herbs and plants that are easy to maintain in the kitchen garden like lemongrass, coriander, cilantro tulsi, celery, mint, fenugreek spinach can be grown with relative ease.

Aesthetics also matter: Plants will make your home a lot greener and hospitable. They also tend to encourage inhabitants to be more peaceful which inturn uplifts your moods and makes you feel more positive then you have ever been. Healthier relationships are also formed as a result. Planning kitchen garden