6 Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes & How to Grow

Cherry tomatoes are an intermediate variety between the wild tomatoes found in remote forests and grasslands and the domesticated garden types that we consume regularly. Cherry tomatoes surprisingly vary in size – ranging from as small as the tip of your thumb to even as large as the size of a golf ball.

cherry tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes can be grown in India

There are also many other colors found in this variety of the tomato species – not just red but also yellow, black and also green happen to exist, and it really begins to question your knowledge about things.

The Cherry tomato was first discovered in South America’s regions supposedly during the year 1623. These delicious small colorful fruits have been very popular in America, after being introduced in 1919. There are many recipes and dishes where cherry tomatoes are used on a large scale and even used for many health beneficial uses as well.

Some believe that they are also genetically modified vegetables. Being native to America, the people of the United States really adore cherry tomatoes, and this shows in their dishes.

However, can Cherry Tomatoes be grown and cultivated in India, and used in Indian dishes? In this article by Elitech Drip, we’re going to take a look at why you should consider cherry tomatoes in your dishes, and how you can grow them in your gardens with just a smidge of help.

Growing tips

Firstly, get the seeds or seedlings of these cherry tomatoes. You can usually find them online or at your nearest florist. Cherry tomatoes are quite common in India as well. Try to get seedlings as they grow at a faster rate when compared to growing the plants using seeds.

Note: There are many different varieties of cherry tomatoes in the market, like sun gold plant, sun sugar, the Chadwick and fox, the sweet treats, etc. This method works for any variety of cherry tomato.

Now, use a tomato cage or a wooden stake to keep these plants at a hold. Tomato plants need support when you grow them. For proper growth, you would have to give these plants support – for instance, a cane. Or, you can provide them with a cage that is big enough to fit all of these plants. It is very important that when you have a cage, you provide enough room for the plants to spread and grow.

Next, you would have given the vine the support by tying it to the stake. Make sure that you avoid the usage of plastics or vinyl as they can be harmful to the environment. You can also grow these plants in your garden.

If you don’t have one then you can use a pot too. Tomatoes, to grow, need good support and proper care. They don’t need a big garden. Any sort of a foam plastic material will also do the trick.

Place the pot in a sunny location so that the plant can get enough amounts of sunlight and be able to process its food. Then make sure you give the plant the amount of fertile soil it needs and don’t use dirt mud as there are chances for the pests to spread from these.

To be sure that your plant is safe, you can also test the soil to make sure the plant is not affected by the environment, by using a pH test.

After you have set up the plant, start by using warm water to water the plants. This is so that the plant is not affected by the frost if they are to be exposed to it. Make sure you provide the pot with a drainage facility so that the plant is not affected by overwatering. To ensure proper drainage, you can put a hole at the bottom of the pot. This makes handling stagnation of water an easy task.

Health Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes


It has been proven that the Cherry tomatoes are anticarcinogenic as they are full of important vitamins like Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important component that can fight cancer cells. Cherry tomatoes are also better for men as they help to improve their immunity against prostate cancer.

Improves Heart Functioning and Blood Pressure

Cherry tomatoes are rich in potassium. Potassium is an element that can help in regulating blood pressure. Doctors recommend potassium tablets and pills to people who have high blood pressure. Cherry tomatoes are cheaper and much more effective. They even contain some extra vitamins also help in regulating cardiovascular activities which prevent any further contaminants to affect the heart.

Helps To Build A Better Shape

Cherry tomatoes are popularly regarded as great diet items, because of the number of good calories they possess. So if you are ever to be in the mood of eating some junk food, instead consume 100 grams of cherry tomatoes. This is equivalent to 30 calories, without the harmful cholesterol and other fatty acids. This can help you have your waistline under control and stay fit.

Vitamins And Nutrients

Cherry tomatoes break the common myth that foods that have acids removed from them lose their tastes. Cherry tomatoes have alpha-tocopherol which can be used to have this all under the control. They possess generous amounts of Vitamin E, B6, and phosphorus, etc. and taste unbelievably good.


Healthy consumption of Cherry tomatoes is sure to increase your immunity.


It is also used as a homemade medicine to cure hair and skin type diseases and to improve the efficiency of the system. Beauticians also recommend this method of applying cherry tomatoes on the skin to improve the glow in the skin. It also acts as a sunblock. You can also apply cherry tomatoes on your hair if you have hair fall problems as they also have vitamin A inside them.

Basically, cherry tomatoes are your one-stop solution to some common problems, that can be treated pretty easily and without worry, provided you take proper action. Cherry tomatoes are one of the ways you can take action, today!