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This is the best Drip Irrigation Kit available in India. Believe me, I have tried a lot of them. This kit has everything you need for easy and fast installation. I installed this kit on my terrace garden in just 30 minutes and now I don't need to worry about watering my precious plants.

Kavita Lakhani, Elitech Drip Customer

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Gardening Shouldn't be Difficult

Perfect for Every Type of Garden

Extra accessories makes sure that it works for every kind of Garden setup

Being a passionate gardeners ourself, we know that every garden is different. That's why you can be sure that Elitech drip kit will be suitable for you.

This 32 Plant Drip Irrigation Kit is perfect solution for Backyard Garden, Terrace Garden, Balcony Garden, Front Lawn, and Veranda.

What's inside the Box?

This DIY kit comes with high quality attachments that will ensure excellent fitment

  • Main Supply Pipe (15 mt)
  • Feeder Line Pipe (15 mt)
  • Mainline Straight Connectors (5 pc)
  • Mainline Elbow Connectors (5 pc)
  • Mainline T Connectors (5 pc)
  • Water Tap Adapter (1 pc)
  • 4mm Connector (32 pc)
  • 4mm T Connector (10 pc)
  • Holding Sticks (32 pc)
  • Location Sticks (10 pc)
  • Drip Hole Puncher (1 pc)
  • Drip Emitters (32 pc)
  • End Cap (5 pc)
  • Ratchet Clamp (5 pc)
  • Dummy Plugs (10 pc)

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Drip Watering Kit Received by me is very good. I installed it and is working great. I am planning to add more plants and willing to buy one more kit soon.

Ravi Sharma

The fitment of this drip irrigation kit was very easy.  I have also added water timer unit which is useful when we go on vacation, water will be supplied automatically. 

Ankita Chandra

Before ordering I was worried how am I going to install this system. But I just followed the instruction manual that came with it and installed it myself. It's very easy to do, even my 12 year old kid could have done it. 

Navya Kapoor

Excellent solution for watering plants. I ordered 2 kits, one for office and one for home. This small investment has freed up at least 1 hour every day for me. I can now spend extra time with my loved ones.

Dikshit Yadav

Get Your Drip Kit Today!

Normally ₹1550 - Today Only ₹1199

Secure Payment

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